“UNIQUE BIOTECH uses Agro Waste for cultivation of Insect farming to produce High Grade Sustainable Protein for Aquaculture and Animal Feed”

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BIO Protein

UNIQUE BIOTECH dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) is an excellent source of sustainable protein for aquaculture, animal feed and pet.

Constituent                BSFL Content % 

Protein                   40.2  

Total Fat                 22.4

Ash                         1.12

Calcium(Ca)           1351 mg/100g

Moisture                1.63

BIO Fertilizer (frass)

BSF Frass is the excrement from larvae during bioconversion  process

Use: Organic fertilizer and soil conditioner.

BSF Organic Fertilizer Composition:

  • Nitrate                         4.12%
  • Phosphorus                3.6%
  • Potassium Oxide       1.87%
  • Calcium (Ca)   15910 mg/kg

BIO Compost Management

UNIQUE BIOTECH with its Green System creates a better eco-friendly environment through Nature and Science in tackling Environmental Agricultural Waste issue and reduce carbon foot print with it’s Eco Agricultural Waste Treatment System.

BSF Eggs Production

At Unique Biotech, our production capacity of egg is 7 kilograms a day. Each female fly lays between 400 to 800 eggs. In each 1 gram of black soldier eggs, it can yield as many as 40,000 larvae. These eggs will hatch between 3 to 4 days.