Building A Sustainable Future With Black Soldier Fly Larvae in Malaysia and Beyond

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Healthier Food Systems

We’re building a better planet from the foundation up, through a more efficient and environmentally friendly food system

Replacing Fishmeal & Soymeal

Overfishing is deeply harmful to the oceanic environment, and the health of our oceans impacts the health of us all. Soy production requires the clearcutting of pristine rainforest for continued mono cropping. BSFL is a viable alternative to fishmeal & soymeal in aquaculture, livestock feed, and pet food.

Closed-Loop Circular System

We upcycle waste and turn it into multiple value-added products, with nearly zero waste. The net result is fewer greenhouse gas emissions (GHGe) and an abundance of sustainably-produced natural animal feed and organic fertilizer.

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Black Soldier Fly & Larvae (BSFL)

Our system revolves around the incredible soldier fly and soldier grubs, which are nature’s healers and voracious consumers of nearly all organic matter.